Let's Play

Trollbeads as a brand has some of the most creative and loyal friends in the world, and we love to play with them. Together we make global events happen every year and the starting point is always about creating emotional connections between people on the basis of our jewellery. The main goal of the events, whether they are online, offline or both, is always to allow participants to express themselves and to be creative.

Christmas Raffle 2016

The Christmas raffles are part of the 2016 Christmas calendar. The calendar takes point of departure in the Nordic traditions of Sunday of Advent. Each Sunday of Advent a Christmas raffle and a story of a Nordic holiday tradition is told. The Christmas raffles are small multiple choice questions about Trollbeads and when participating customers get the chance of winning holiday inspired prizes from Trollbeads.

The Nordic traditions are small tales of how we celebrate Christmas and the four Sundays of Advent in the Nordic countries. We offer you descriptions, recipes, inspiration and decorations.

The calendar is hosted by selected markets only.

Found a Bead - The Ball

In 2016 we introduced another Found a Bead event. This time is was all about The Ball.

We asked our retailers all around the world to distribute ten The Ball beads in their local area. The bead was designed specifically for this event and not for general sale. The beads were attached to a note, which asked the finder to go to the 'Foundabead' Facebook page and share how they found the bead. On the 'Foundabead' Facebook page lucky customers were also able to win the bead through a competition.

People's Bead

The most popular event to date has been the "People's Bead" event. Trollbeads receives suggestions for new designs every day, and some of these ideas are very beautiful and innovative. That is why an event has been created, which lets Trollbeads friends have the opportunity to become a real bead designer.

The ideas range from the innovative, to the beautifully creative or just fun. Everyone who wants to participate can submit their design ideas to Trollbeads.com. 10 finalists are then selected for other people to vote for and name a winner. The winning design is then put into production and becomes part of the following collection.

Trollbeads Day 2016

Trollbeads Day is a special day where we invite you to join us in the stores to celebrate you and your Trollbeads stories.

This year the designer Søren Nielsen has designed the Limited Edition bracelet and as something really special the Clover Bead is also available in 18k gold.

The Lucky Friends Bracelet and the Gold bead are released for sale 2 July and will be available as long as stock lasts.

Share a Christmas Card

Share a Christmas Card is a fun worldwide event where we give away a prize each day of December!

Our Trollbeads fans are encouraged to send Christmas cards to five random participants and in return they receive Christmas cards from friends of Trollbeads around the world.

Every Christmas card received is another chance to win a prize.

A magical event at a magical time of year!

World Tour

Through our World Tour collections we have 'visited' a wide range of countries where local retailers together with Trollbeads friends introduce four new beads exploring the history, culture, and charming quirks of that corner of the globe. We are often told how friends of Trollbeads from one part of the world get in touch with friends from another part of the world to swap World Tour beads - only because they have the connection to the brand in common. This creates new, intercultural friendships and perhaps an interest for another country's culture, norms, and history.

Found a Bead

"Found a Bead" is an example of an event, that was extremely successful.

In January 2009, we asked our retailers all over the world to distribute 5-10 'Smiley beads' (beads designed specifically for the event and not available for general sale) in their local areas. The beads were all attached to a note, which asked the finder to go to a website and share how they found or received the bead.

More than 3,500 people from 32 different countries registered on the website and today there is still a huge demand for the limited edition Smiley beads.