New Beginnings

Let the new year be your year!

A star of strength for each zodiac sign. Find yours and keep it with you every day to guide you through the new year.

Welcome 2017

A new year brings excitement, wonder and jitteriness and is often looked upon as the perfect moment to make a change. A time to start fresh.

We mark the new year dressed in glitter and glam at the greatest party of the year, celebrating new opportunities and new stories.

As we look to the fading fireworks, the sky too is dressed in glitter. The greatness of the stars bring us courage, protection, wisdom and focus. Capture your star of strength and keep it with you every day to guide you through the new year.

Style your stars

You stars work perfectly on both bracelets, bangles, necklaces and the new neck bangle! Be creative about it and style it with your favorite beads.

Mark a new year

Thus, the stars provide their strength and guidence, there are other ways to mark a new year, a new beginning or a new you.

The delicate, sprouting Birth Flowers, each representing its own month of the year, symbolize new beginnings with their blooming nature. See the first flowers of the year below.

Also the Chinese zodiac signs each represent their own set of attributes, that will help you in new relations and might benefit your new stories. See examples of Chinese zodiac signs below.