Beads with three holes

Follow the instructions below or see the video here.

Crystal Triangles, Rose, Climbing Hydrangea, and Fantasy Butterfly are all beads with three holes. This means that they can each be placed on a fantasy necklace to make it look different and exciting.

First, put the beads you wish to have between the pendant itself and the bead with three holes onto your chain.

Split the chain in two. On the bead there is one hole in the bottom and two in the top. Pull one part of your recently split chain through the bottom hole and one of the top holes. Next, take the other part of your chain and pull through the same bottom hole, but the other top hole.

Lastly, fasten a lock onto the two ends.

Get inspired to design your own Fantasy Necklace...


The Original

1. Using any length Fantasy Necklace, straighten the chain and string beads on loop end.
2. No clasp needed.

1. Straighten the chain and string beads on loop end.
2. Place the necklace around your neck with the loop in front. Pass the pearl end with beads through the loop.
3. Tighten it a bit and let it hang. No clasp needed.



Troll Tree

1. Center bead in opening of the cross. Hold firmly in place. Thread loop end of chain through bottom of cross, center of bead and out top of cross.
2. Slide cross down to rest above pearl.

Note: Glass bead sizes vary. Some beads do not fit in the center of the Big Cross or Ballerinas.
Climbing Hydrangea

1. Straighten the chain and string beads on loop end. Split the chain in two equally large sections as shown.
2. Slide section A up through X and out at Y on the bead. Repeat with section B up through X and out at Z.
3. Pull section A and B until desired length is achieved. Attach clasp to loop ends of chain and secure around neck.



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