Let's Play

Trollbeads as a brand has some of the most creative and loyal friends in the world, and we love to play with them. Together we make global events happen every year and the starting point is always about creating emotional connections between people on the basis of our jewellery. The main goal of the events, whether they are online, offline or both, is always to allow participants to express themselves and to be creative.

People's Bead

For the 10th time, we invited you to design your own bead in the People’s Bead 2018 competition.

The winner has been found and will be announced on August 24th and available in stores on September 7th.
We would like to thank everyone who designed and/or was a part of our jury! You constantly amaze us with your creativity and adroitness.

Life is for living – be creative about it!

Den Trollbeads 2017

Mezinárodní den oslav

Trollbeads den je věnován oslavě všech, kteří milují šperky Trollbeads, které jsou součástí jejich osobnosti, šatníku a životního příběhu. V roce 2017 připadá Den Trollbeads na 17. června.

Pro tento speciální den vždy připravujeme limitovanou edici. Tento rok vybrala designérka Lise Aagaard ručně broušený kámen - Rutil v křišťálu.

Tento přívěsek bude možné zakoupit online a v našich prodejnách od 17. června 2017.

Share a Christmas Card

Share a Christmas Card is a fun worldwide event where we give away a prize each day of December!

Our Trollbeads fans are encouraged to send Christmas cards to five random participants and in return they receive Christmas cards from friends of Trollbeads around the world.

Every Christmas card received is another chance to win a prize.

A magical event at a magical time of year!

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World Tour

Through our World Tour collections we have 'visited' a wide range of countries where local retailers together with Trollbeads friends introduce four new beads exploring the history, culture, and charming quirks of that corner of the globe. We are often told how friends of Trollbeads from one part of the world get in touch with friends from another part of the world to swap World Tour beads - only because they have the connection to the brand in common. This creates new, intercultural friendships and perhaps an interest for another country's culture, norms, and history.

Found a Bead

"Found a Bead" is an example of an event, that was extremely successful.

In January 2009, we asked our retailers all over the world to distribute 5-10 'Smiling beads' (beads designed specifically for the event and not available for general sale) in their local areas. The beads were all attached to a note, which asked the finder to go to a website and share how they found or received the bead.

More than 3,500 people from 32 different countries registered on the website and today there is still a huge demand for the limited edition Smiling beads.

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