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Feiere deine Jubiläen mit Trollbeads

Find inspiration for anniversary gifts. Whether you are celebrating your 5th or 25th year anniversary, Trollbeads has the perfect symbol to mark your special day.

A jewellery bead for each year.



High quality, handcrafted jewellery is the perfect wedding anniversary gift for her and for him. Start with a bracelet in silver or leather and add a lock, beads, and end up with your own customized jewellery gift. You can add a bead for each anniversary and you will always know where to look for next year’s anniversary gift. We make gift shopping easy!

Many countries have the tradition of giving a specific material on a given wedding anniversary. It is not the same all over the world, but we have made a version of a traditional anniversary list for you here:

1st year is Paper - 2nd year is Cotton - 3rd year is Leather - 4th year is Linen - 5th year is Wood - 6th year is Iron - 7th year is Wool - 8th year is Bronze - 9th year is Pottery - 10th year is Tin - 11th year is Steel - 11 ½ is Copper - 12th year is Silk - 13th year is Lace - 14th year is Ivory - 15th year is Crystal - 20th year is China - 25th year is Silver - 30th year is Pearl - 35th year is Coral - 40th year is Ruby - 45th year is Sapphire - 50th year is Gold - 55th year is Emerald - 60th year is Diamond

Remember, the very best gift could be something that tells a story about your adventures together. Every story has a bead.