Feel like a Princess

Make your great moments stand out

The tiara add a touch of royal feeling to your festive day, and the new, prominent spacers in combination with your favourite beads makes the possibilities to create a bespoke piece of jewellery endless.

Make your best day last forever!

Tiara - Make it your own

It is the beginning of a journey. With hope and love, laughter and happiness. Let romance in and keep it with you forever.

With the Trollbeads Tiara collection you can mix and match and make your own personal Tiara for your own unique celebration. You can match your Tiara with your favourite bracelet or use the beads from the Tiara on bangles, necklaces, rings and bracelets afterwards!

Every story has a bead. And some stories deserves a Tiara.

Image of trollbeads tiara
Image of woman wearing a trollbeads tiara
Image of woman wearing a tiara
Image of a Trollbeads tiara and complimentary bracelet and rings.
Every story has a bead...

...and some stories deserve a Tiara