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Flow of Love

Support, live & love

She’s the one who loves unconditionally, who thrives to make the world a better place, who encourages others to be their best version.

She’s a boss, a lover, a mother, a sister, a daughter…
she’s the one who puts all the pieces of the puzzle together… she’s a woman.

Flow of Love Half Block
Flow of Love

A woman's love flows unconditionally

The new collection includes two new, stunning designs; a limited edition, facetted glass bead, Flow of Love, that comes in beautiful shades of pink and living coral. Colours of hope, caring, compassion and love.

To go with the Flow of Love, the spectacular Puzzle Spacer, is launched. Life is a puzzle, be sure to look for all the right pieces. And when you are missing a piece…

Available from April 12, 2019.