Kindred Spirits

Sneak Peek!

As a special treat we welcome you to
preview this years Spring Collection.
Available in stores and online from February 17, 2017.

Welcome to the Kindred Spirits!


Troll of Curiosity Pendant


Ring of Fairies


Perfect Moments Bead


Troll of Wisdom Pendant

Spring Collection 2017

Kindred Spirits

In the clearing, the fairies are dancing, celebrating that spring is soon to be in the air, bringing hope and joy. Anything is possible – life is an adventure.
People are made of stories – some are defining and some are just for fun. Great stories come from those experiences that are all about the present. Where there is no but, only be.
With the coming of spring, everything starts to sprout anew. With Trollbeads’ “Kindred Spirits” collection it is time to leave the dark and cold of winter behind. Now is the time to embrace the sun. Life is for living. Be creative about it.

Welcome to the Spring Collection 2017.

Sparkling and joyful glass

We bring you six new, stunning glass beads. The six beads can also be bought as a kit: Enchanted Days Kit.


Sweetness Bead


Soulmates Bead


Love & Laughter Bead


Chances Bead


Once Upon a Time Bead

Water Lilies of Fairy Tales

The Water lily grows in ponds, lakes and streams.

These stunning flowers come in many vibrant colours and have various meanings in different cultures. The flowers are spiritual and very aesthetic.
Most people know the water lilies of the paintings from the French impressionist Claude Monet.

The Water Lilies in the Kindred Spirits collection is a family designed by Mette Saabye.


Water Lily Spacer


Water Lily Family Bead


Water Lily Lock


Single Water Lily Spacer


Balance Lily Lock


Venus Flower Ring

Two new pendants of magic

The two new pendants look stunning on the new Neck Bangle.


Dancing Fairy Pendant


Neck Bangle of Lightness

Magic Fairy Pendant

Rhythm Drum Bead

Take a Chance Necklace

Take a Chance Pendant

Social Circle Bead

Moonlight Dancing Bead

The Twisted Ring of Change

Decorate the Twisted Ring of Change with favourite beads and create a fashionable look:

Twisted Ring of Change

Fantasy Hibiscus Bead

Blooming Beauty Ring

Hourglass Bead

Sweet Sunrise Bangle

Bumpy Ride Bead