Light Green Flower Bead

There is something magical about a green flower on a green background; it seems almost consciously translucent, as if saying, 'I’m here, but I’m not really here!'
  • Item No.: TGLBE-10097
  • Weight: 1.95 g
  • Main Material: Glass
Designer: Signe M. Schumann
Price: £25.00

In Stock

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Designer Signe M. Schumann

I have worked as a Goldsmith for Lise Aagaard since the summer of 2000. Surrounded by Trollbeads morning to evening, it had to happen - I designed my first bead. My family name is Schumann, the name of a famous Danish traveling circus, and Søren Nielsen once said to me, with a name like that you ought to make circus jewelry! That's why my first bead is a circus clown.

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