Trollbeads Day 2021

Ocean, Sky & Earth

Trollbeads Day is a day dedicated to celebrate all who wear Trollbeads as a part of their personality, wardrobe and life story.

Every year a Limited-Edition bead is released exclusively made for Trollbeads Day.

Celebrate with us on 19th June!


Trollbeads Day Ocean


See your life in perspective.

A Lapis Lazuli is embraced by a detailed design in Sterling silver.

Dive in and find the amazing life of a stunning seahorse, dancing seaweed and the beautiful mermaid.

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

Clear your mind

Lapis Lazuli represents the desire for knowledge and is said to work as a revitaliser and a detoxifier.

It belongs to the family of carbonates and in ancient times azurite powder was used in painting the frescoes but, being too dusty, it was replaced with Lapis lazuli.


Trollbeads Day Sky


Touch the sky.

A Chalcedony embraced by a detailed design in Sterling silver.

Get on the wings and greet the sun, dive into the clouds, and board the plane that takes you to the destinations of your dreams. 

Gemstone: Chalcedony

Calm, peace and creativity

This pale blue stone helps promote calm, peace and stimulate creativity.

Chalcedony is said to have the power to prevent and cure melancholy, and ward off evil spirits.



Trollbeads Day Earth


Live gently upon this earth.

An Aventurine embraced by a detailed design in Sterling silver.

Take a walk and meet the enchanted life of a chirping bird, a beautiful butterfly, the grounding trees, and a majestic deer.

Gemstone: Aventurine

Create your chances

Known as the “Gemstone of Opportunity”, Aventurine is believed to be the luckiest of all gemstones.

It is believed to boost your chance of winning, especially in situations where the outcome is out of your control.

Create a Design

Combine your Trollbeads Day bead with other gemstones and make your own jewellery design for your bracelet or bangle


Play With Us!

Which one are you?

Are you curious about which gemstones represent you?

The stones fascinate us for their beauty and for their preciousness, but the choice of wearing a specific one can depend on the characteristics of our personality. Discover the stone that complements your personality.

Creative & Spiritual

Not one for rules?

You follow a mix of instinct and creativity. You express yourself through your creations and enrich your surroundings with a touch of personality.

For you, life must be lived in a spiritual way.


Rational & Determined

You don't shy away from making decisions.

When you have a goal, you always find a way to reach it. You have a strong soul and challenges do not discourage you.

You are optimistic, and transform obstacles into opportunities to grow and improve.


Passionate & Dreamer

When you enter a room, everything becomes rosy.

You are very sensual and you get involved in everything you love. You follow your instincts and put your heart into everything you do.

You love your family and you like protecting others and being protected.