Harvest Harmony


Find new energy and make a difference.

Take a deep breath, inhale the fragrance of harvest and find energy in the bounty of the land. Sometimes it is the tiniest things that have the greatest impact.

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Heart Ripples


The best gifts are the one's that come straight from the heart

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People's Bead

We're very proud to announce Amanda White is the UK's two-time People's Bead winner!

Her stunning design, Framed by Ivy is now available.

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Gift Sets

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The Ring Collection

Art on your fingertips

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Last Chance

Don't miss out!

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Keep exploring. Keep learning. Stay curious.

You don’t need to cross boarders to find new adventure. Have you ever truly explored your city? Take roads and corners you have never taken before. Get lost in streets you have never been to. Make life an adventure every day.