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Celebrate your Birthday in a Trollbeads Store

...and receive a very special present!

The Happy Birthday 2020 is a new limited edition bead especially designed for 2020 birthdays! Invite your friends along for this special day of celebration.

Wishing you lots of smiles and a happy day.


Happy Birthday 2020

Happy Birthday 2020 is a new limited edition bead in the Trollbeads collection.

The Birthday Bead is not for sale. You cannot buy it in the stores and you cannot buy it online, but...

Host a birthday party at your local Trollbeads retailer, and we will give it to you as a birthday present!

Contact your local Trollbeads store to learn more about the event.

The Happy Birthday Bead 2020
Birthday bead

Happy Birthday 2020

Birthday Bead 2020 - Halfblock image
Host a Birthday Party!

Celebrate with Trollbeads

Invite your friends and have your birthday party in your local Trollbeads Store or...

You can throw a party for your best friend, sister, brother or mother! The birthday girl/boy will receive the Happy Birthday 2020 bead as a present from Trollbeads.

Special deals will be available to you and your guests throughout the party.