This pendent left the collection in 2018.

We are all different. We think, we do and we believe in different ways. But what is common for all cultures is the spirit. Customize this bead with the stone that most reflects your soul.

People's Bead 2012.

As all our glass beads are handmade, we cannot guarantee that they will all fit in your Fantasy necklace pendant. Please let us know when you are buying a glass bead intended for a pendant, and we will make sure we select a bead that fits the pendant.

Please note: Fantasy necklaces and beads are sold separately.

  • Item No.: TAGPE-00004
  • Weight: 5,06 g
  • Main Material: Silver 925
Designer: Daniele Celani

Designer Daniele Celani

Daniele Celani is born in a small village in Ciociaria in Italy. He lives with his family. Daniele is a newly started goldsmith, and he has had great appreciation on his first creations. As a child, he had a huge interest in creating. All his life he has been drawing, and he draws everything from landscapes to cartoons. Now, his greatest passion is drawing and creating jewellery.

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