Tree of Awareness

This pendent left the collection in 2018.

Balance on life's golden path brings you a life in harmony.

This pendant can be used for necklaces and Fantasy Necklaces.
Fantasy necklaces and beads are sold separately

  • Item No.: TAGPE-00017
  • Weight: 11,03 g
  • Main Material: Silver 925
Designer: Kristian Krysfeldt

Designer Kristian Krysfeldt

Trollbeads is a fun and challenging universe to express yourself in. On the one hand a well defined framework - a miniature format to fit on a chain, and at the same time a very open world of terms, concepts, experiences and creatures, sculpted into an object in silver. A paradise for the adventurous explorer in forms, such as me ... "I am fascinated by clouds - my girlfriend says I take more pictures of clouds than our little boy - she could be right".

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