Our Responsibility

At Trollbeads, we believe in two things; operating from our hearts and maintaining a social responsibility. These values are essential factors for us when running a global business.

"My wish is that the charity projects we choose are as varied as possible. For everything we do, is all about the people."
- Lise Aagaard

About trollbeads - our responsibility

Business Ethics: Upholding ethical business practices.

Human Rights and Social Performance: Upholding fundamental human rights, treating workers and communities fairly and with respect, encouraging a diverse workforce, and provision of a safe working environment.

Environmental Performance: Promoting efficient use of resources and energy, protecting biodiversity and reducing and preventing pollution.

Management Systems: Compliance with applicable law, assessing impacts and benefits, establishing policy, and managing business risks including contractors, suppliers and partners.

Social Commitment

Trollbeads supports charity purposes all over the world. Donations include the following:

Lise Aagaard, together with an organization called Tibet Charity, developed the Tibet Beads project in 2005 to give unemployed Tibetan refugees in India an opportunity to learn new skills and earn an income.

Lise Aagaard coached a group of twelve people and their leader (who was appointed by the Dalai Lama himself) in all aspects of running a jewellery business, including design, bead production, and marketing. Lise Aagaard also provided financial backing for the project. Tibet Beads is now managed by the Tibetan Unemployment Cooperative Society. The group sells their glass beads and jewellery from a shop on the main street of Dharamsala, India.

In 2010 Trollbeads launched a similar initiative in the small African nation of Malawi.

Building on their experience from the India projet, Trollbeads funded the Malawi Trollbeads Workshop, which gave a group of challenged young people the opportunity to learn the artistry of making glass beads over an open flame. Some of these young people had health issues while others had lost most of their family to AIDS.

At the Workshop, Trollbeads trained them in all aspects of running a successful jewellery business, including supply-chain management, production, design and marketing.

About trollbeads - our responsibility

Trollbeads has helped a group of Tibetan refugees to start a jewellery production in Dharamsala, India.

About trollbeads - our responsibility 2

The Tibetan refugees and their families in Dharamsala are now supporting themselves by producing glass bead.