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People's Bead Winner 2015

Winning bead: Tropical Travels

This year, for the seventh time, we invited you to create your own design for the theme 'Share Your Passion'. We got so many unique and stunning designs, and after hours of deliberation we agreed on 100 finalists and YOU voted for the winner.

This unique, tropical bead was inspired by the blooming Frangipani and the Hibiscus flower.

Share Your Passion

Tropical Travels

“My love of nature and exploring new destinations inspired me to design this bead. Whenever I travel I always discover something new. On one particular vacation I found myself walking through a tropical garden. The array of flowers and foliage fascinated me. I was particularly drawn to the Plumeria (Frangipani) and the Hibiscus flowers. They were in full bloom. The vibrant colours and delicate petals left a lasting memory.“

People's Bead Winner 2015 - Bottom deck

The Perfect Inspiration

People's Bead Winner 2015 - Bottom deck