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Nature's Promise

Autumn Collection 2017


The Nature’s Promise collection brings you 12 new, delightful glass beads to illuminate autumn.

Six of the designs are even hand-faceted, adding sparkles and an extra dimension to the expression. Highly detailed and in magnificent autumn colors, all the new Glass Beads will add an elegant note to any Bracelet, Bangle or Necklace.

Buy individually or as kit.


Stack for a fashionable look



With Trollbeads, the Clasp on the bracelet is a piece of jewelry in itself.

With the new collection, two new Clasps are introduced. The Trunk of Treasures Lock is an elegant and feminine clasp, and the Best of Both Lock reminds you to know yourself; if you remove your devils, your angels might leave too.

"Nature’s Promise" also brings two amazing, new stones. The Strawberry Quartz, which helps to attract and give love, and Cat’s Eye Quartz, a stone for happiness, optimism and luck.


Highly detailed, the Nature’s Promise collection brings new designs in sterling silver; seven Beads and three Spacers.

Spacers can be used as an individual design piece and can be used to create balance on a bracelet or necklace. Spacers can also function as end beads on the bangle. It is difficult not to love these little pieces of art.

The Sterling Silver Beads are the heart of the collection. This autumn, nature is showing itself in Beads of stunning beauty, telling the story of nature going to sleep until spring, where it unfolds and come back to life again.