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The Nostalgia Collection

Winter 2017

The new collection from Trollbeads
brings back sweet memories.

Available in stores and online.

Be a star

Be guided by the stars and followed by the angels. This season, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and even tiaras can be decorated with delicate beads in Sterling silver, designed by Søren Nielsen and Louise Rimpler. Hearts and stars sets the mood for the season and the Generous Piglet enters as a symbol of prosperity and luck.

Among other new designs in Sterling silver, you find a Grateful Turkey, natures Abundance and a Curious Critter.

As a constant reminder, the new bead Momentum reminds you that if you want to keep the force of movement, you have to keep going.


A sense of nostalgia

Do you remember? The feeling of anticipation when you were a child longing for Christmas. The scent of your grandmother’s cookies. The look of the tree – so fine with all the ornaments and lights. Or later, the face of your loved one the year, you found the perfect gift.
There is no sweeter time of year to be nostalgic than at Christmas time.

People are made of stories – and stories get even stronger when you share them with someone dear to you. Show love and appreciation. Celebrate life with each other.

This year, give the perfect gift. Or wish for it yourself!

Welcome to the winter collection 2017.
Pre-order now, Available November 3, 2017.

Pure love in 18K gold

In the heart of the collection, you find the new Gold Plated Neck Bangle. With beautiful pendants and spectacular beads, the Neck Bangle is elegant and feminine and an excellent way to make a striking appearance this season.

Wear it with the new Twisted Gold Plated Bangle to make a stunning expression.

The Nostalgia collection also brings two new rings, designed by Lise Aagaard. Wear the rings beautifully one by one or stacked for a personalized look that's unique to you.