Art to Go Bracelet

Available 10/5: In Stores Only

Welcome world of creativity. Welcome world of art.

Art to Go is a limited edition bracelet consisting of a silver bracelet, a new artsy lock and a matching silver bead, speaking to your inner artist.


Art to Go Bracelet

Pick your unique
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Every Story Has a Bead

The Story of Unique Beads

Lise Aagaard, together with an organization called Tibet Charity, developed the Tibet Beads Project in 2005 to give unemployed Tibetan refugees in India an opportunity to learn new skills and earn an income.

Lise Aagaard coached a group of twelve people and their leader (who was appointed by the Dalai Lama himself) in all aspects of running a jewelry business, including design, bead production, and marketing. Lise Aagaard also provided financial backing for the project. Tibet Beads is now managed by the Tibetan Unemployment Cooperative Society. The group sells their glass beads and jewelry from a shop on the main street of Dharamsala, India.

These artisans were the creators of our first Unique Beads.

Uniques Image