Trollbeads Day

Launched Saturday, June 9

Celebrate with fun surprises and competitions in the stores for the launch of the limited edition Wings of Amber beads

Amber - the Nordic gold

50 million years it has been underway to your bracelet. Since ancient times amber has been cherished for its beauty, its stunning colours and its spectacular history.

Amber is fossilized tree resin and is therefore an organic material. Over time the resin hardens and after several million years it turns into the material, we know as amber. Most of the Trollbeads amber is from the Baltic Sea.

Due to the softness, it demands very skilled jewellery artisans to work with the material.

Tell your unique story

The Wings of Amber beads are crafted in amber and Sterling silver.
They are sunbeams caught in amber. A true beauty of nature. 

Wear the Wings of Amber on gold to emphazise the golden gleam or style them with some of our other winged beads. 

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