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Limited Edition Bracelet

The Vine of Dreams bracelet is a limited edition bracelet consisting of a silver bracelet, hearts and flowers in both a new silver lock and bead - an abundance of hearts and flowers swirling into each other.

The bracelet also contains a fantastic glass bead tapping into this year’s huge trend color violet and the color of the year 2018, chosen by Pantone Color Institute - with flowers and traces of sparkling glitter inside.

A beautiful bracelet for her starting out - and a real collectors piece for her that is already in love with the Trollbeads jewelry collection.

Start your story with Trollbeads

Every story has a bead

Trollbeads is the original, high quality bead-on-bracelet concept offering hundreds of beautiful beads - each bead is a little piece of art and tell a different story.

Start your story with the new bracelet Vine of Dreams and continue your story with your favorites from the Trollbeads collection.

The Vine of Dreams Bracelet is available in stores and online from April 20, 2018.