The Changeable Fantasy Necklace is available in four sizes.  
You will need a lock or a Changeable Fantasy Pendant to close the necklace.  
Please note: The listed lengths indicate the total length of the necklace with a lock attached, so the chain itself is 2 cm shorter than indicated. If, for example, you require an 80 cm necklace, choose '80 cm'. We will send you a 78 cm chain and when you add a lock your necklace will be the perfect size. If you buy a ready-to-wear necklace the lock will of course be included.





Fit tips: 
The Changeable Fantasy Necklace allows you to create a truly custom necklace and that can be styled in endless ways - with a stunning pendant or with locks and beads from the collection.  

Wear the necklace full length or try something different: Personalize your style by wearing the chain doubled - just remember to choose the longest length. 
Gift Tip:  
Size 90 cm (35.4") fits most. 

About Changeable Fantasy Necklaces: 
The Changeable Fantasy Necklace is available in .925 Sterling Silver.