The Story

The story of Trollbeads began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1976, when Soren “Silversmith” Nielsen created the first Trollbead, Faces. The sterling silver bead, faces, is named for the no less than 6 faces that decorate it. Soren “Silversmith” Nielsen sold the Faces Bead from his father Svend Nielsen’s jewelry shop in Central Copenhagen. The trending fashion at the time of Trollbeads creation was to wear a single silver bead on a leather cord necklace. Instead of hanging the bead from an eyelet, Nielsen placed an opening through the center of the bead. Later his sister, Lise Aagaard, began to place the beads on silver bracelets.

Lise Aagaard, the founder of Trollbeads, went on to open her own jewelry store. One day a customer asked to place more than one bead on her bracelet. The storekeeper was surprised, but added another bead to the customer’s bracelet. This is how the bead-on-bracelet jewelry concept was born.

From the suggestion of one customer the Trollbeads brand and adventure was created. In cooperation with customers and with their wishes in mind, the collection grew. Today Trollbeads can be found in over 400 cities worldwide.

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The designer of the first Trollbead.

Soren "Silversmith" Nielsen

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The first Trollbead circa 1976.


For over 40 years the creative Nielsen/Aagaard family has participated in the sculpture, design and manufacturing of Trollbeads. Until the year 2000 all Trollbeads creations were designed by members of the Nielsen/Aagaard family. To add diversity to the collection Lise Aagaard invited 10 famous Danish jewelry designers to each make a signature Trollbead design to be added to the Trollbeads collection. Today we have over 100 jewelry designers from all over the world who contribute to our Trollbeads collections.

As the collection grew, the Trollbeads catalog transformed into the beautifully diverse collection it is today. Gold and pearl designs were also added to the growing Trollbeads catalog. Our signature Foxtail Chain Bracelet was redesigned to make it easier to add and remove beads with the creation of our easily removable clasp system.

In 2001, the first Glass Beads were added to the Trollbeads collection. Since their introduction to our collection, our Glass Beads has become one of the most popular items on our collection. The Glass Beads in our catalog are handcrafted using the lamp work technique. No two Glass Beads are the same. This gives our collectors the freedom to choose beads based on personal preference of color and size.

The Trollbeads catalog currently features over 600 beads—each with their own unique design and story. Every story has a bead.

Behind the Products

Craftsmanship of Glass Beads

Behind the Products

Craftsmanship of Silver Beads