Trollbeads Franchising

Become part of an international success and fulfill your dreams of having your own Trollbeads concept store.

Becoming a Trollbeads Franchisee is more than just opening a store.

Why Franchise?

Our franchise cooperation offers endless opportunities to ensure a profitable retail business. As a franchisee, you get the opportunity to run your own business, but you will never be on your own. The Trollbeads retail department is your toolbox for constantly optimizing the daily operations and supporting your business.

The Trollbeads franchising model is best described as a joint venture in which both companies work in close collaboration supporting each other, but at the same time still legally and financially independent. The Franchisee is given the rights to use a ready-made business format (including brand, assortment, and store concept, etc.) according to which he/she must operate. This professional arrangement sets out an agreed number of years on a renewable basis.

The franchisee

Your role

Stimulating growth of the concept store.
Being responsible for own business operations completely including obligations and commitments, risk and profits.
Following Operational, Marketing and Visual guidelines
Offering high-quality customer service and maintaining own store operations
Committing to the same corporate image, offline and online
Recruiting, training and managing own staff
Actively participating in the developed HQ marketing activities and own local Marketing plan


Our Concept Stores Offer:

A unique local and geographical business model
A supported opening process from choosing location to store opening
An internationally tested and unique concept that is rooted in the Danish heritage
A visually stunning store that sets itself apart from the surrounding storefronts
A strong marketing program with quality support material
Continual support in sales, advertising, marketing, purchasing, and equipment
Initial training program for franchisees
A growing international franchise network
Possibilities for establishing a cluster of stores in a selected region