Nature's Promise

Autumn Collection 2017

Welcome to the LAUNCH of our new collection available online and in stores from September 15th



With the feeling of Autumn in mind...The forest is going to sleep, days are getting shorter and soon the trees start to let go of their leaves. The animals are burrowing away for Winter, acorns are gathered in piles and the fox is storing food in shallow holes. Plants and flowers begin to close to protect life until it is time to bloom life again in Spring.

Nature is made of stories, people are made of stories too. Some are defining and some are just for fun, great stories come from those experiences that are all about the present. Now comes time for reflection. And just like nature, it is with a promise to restore energy and bring back life.


With Trollbeads, a lock on your bracelet is a piece of jewellery in itself.

In this collection, two new locks have been designed. The Trunk of Treasures Lock is an elegant lock creating a family with the Trunk of Treasures silver bead, and the Best of Both Lock is a reminder you to know yourself; "if you remove your devils, your angels might leave too".

The Nature’s Promise collection also brings two beautiful, new stones. The Strawberry Quartz, which is said to help attract and give love, and the Cat’s Eye Quartz, is a stone for happiness, optimism and luck.

Stack your bangles for a fashionable look


The Nature’s Promise collection brings you 12 new glass beads inspired by all that is Autumn.

Six of the beads are hand-faceted, adding sparkles and that something extra special to their expression. Highly detailed and in magnificent autumn colours, all of the new glass beads will add an elegant touch to any bracelet, bangle or necklace.

As always, the glass beads can be bought individually or as kit.


The Nature’s Promise collection brings some highly detailed designs in sterling silver.

Spacers can be used as an individual design piece or to create balance on a bracelet or necklace, and of course they are used as the end stoppers to keep beads on your bangle. It is difficult not to love these little pieces of art.

The Sterling Silver Beads are the heart of this collection. Inspired by Autumn, follow the story nature going to sleep until Spring, where it unfolds and comes back to life again.

Every Story has a Bead

Trollbeads is the original bead-on-bracelet brand with literally hundreds of beautiful beads to pick and choose from – each one a little work of art.

Every story has a bead so that every bracelet becomes completely unique and personal.

The exquisite craftsmanship of Trollbeads’ jewellery is only truly complete when you match the different elements that tell your stories, in your own personal way. Your individuality, the way you live your life and the meaning you attach to each bead is the true beauty of Trollbeads.