Trollbeads Day 2017

Trollbeads Day is a day dedicated to celebrate all women who wear Trollbeads

Trollbeads Day

A world wide celebration!

Trollbeads Day is a day dedicated to celebrate all who wear Trollbeads as a part of their personality, wardrobe and life story. Every year a Limited Edition bead is released exclusively made for Trollbeads Day.

In 2017 Lise Aagaard designed the limited edition bead: a hand-faceted Golden Rutilated Quartz.

Trollbeads Day took place on June 17, 2017.

Nature’s wonders

Created under enormous pressure since the dawn of time, pieces of stone are dug out of the depths of the earth and made into exquisite jewellery.

Celebrate with stones

The Trollbeads Day 2017 bead is a hand-faceted Golden Rutilated Quartz, a precious stone with Rutile inside. The pieces of Rutile are small needle like threads. The stone is popularly known as the Venus Hair Stone and varies in colour from very bright to a deeper shade.

Golden Rutilated Quartz is an excellent stone, if you want to change direction in life. It cleanses and energizes, and it will help you make your life easier. It has the ability to lift your mood and is said to attract love… what’s not to like!

Trollbeads Day 2017 is a limited edition and includes a 2017 stamp.

Raw Golden Rutilated Quartz