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12 new Zodiac star beads with unique gemstones

Zodiac Stars

12 new stars are entering the collection.

No matter which month you are born in, you will find just the right, beautiful star with a stone.

The darkest night shows the brightest stars.

Zodiac Stars

12 new stars with stones designed by Louise Rimpler are entering the collection.

Every one of the stars has its own gemstone – a gemstone dedicated to a special zodiac sign. The use of gemstones gives each star its own meaning. Are you courageous, enterprising and full of energy like the Aries? Or sensible, ambitious and hardworking like the Capricorn?

Mix & Match your Zodiac Stars with other beads anyway you like it. Maybe you like to pair them with Tiger eye, Malachite or Lapis lazuli which are gemstones also available as beads.

Jul. 23 - Aug. 23
€ 45.00