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Día Trollbeads 2020

Desde el 25 de Julio

¡Únete a la celebración global! ¡Un día done las personas pueden celebrar y compartir sus histories y amor pro Trollbeads!

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€ 55,00
All Trollbeads Day 2020 beads are engraved by hand with a stunning, and highly detailed pattern

Mix & Match

the new Trollbeads Day beads with existing and new jewellery.

A Global Event

- It's time for a summer celebration -

Every year we celebrate Trollbeads Day online and in jewellery stores all over the world.

We are excited to to introduce this year’s limited edition beads in delightful colours. The fresh and fruity Trollbeads Day 2020 beads all have the 2020 stamp and are all engraved by hand with a stunning, highly detailed pattern.