Dancing Dragons

The joy of being free to love, to find your other half in this vast world of possibilities. May you dance together for a lifetime!

People's bead 2017.

  • Article n° :: TAGBE-10186
  • Poids: 1,50 g
  • Matière: Argent
Designer: Lily Sun

Designer Lily Sun

"I was first introduced to Trollbeads in 2011, my last year living in Canada. I love stories (who doesn’t), so a bracelet which let you tell your own story was an instant fascination for me. When I discovered there was a yearly People’s Bead contest, I vowed to keep trying until I got in! This year, the theme of 'happiness' was easy to make a story for. The secret to happiness, for me, is loving yourself first, and then to love someone else."

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