Northern Lights Magic

Over the polar circle, the Northern Lights play in the night sky. Pale silvery greens and violets dancing over the satin blue Milky Way. Magical and unforgettable, symbolizing the enchanting power of nature.

People's Bead winner 2018


  • Article n° :: TGLBE-30036
  • Poids: 1,95 g
  • Matière: Verre
Designer: Linda Kucina
Linda Kucina - winner of People's Bead 2018

Designer Linda Kucina

For me each of my Trollbeads is a little symbol, encapsulating a special feeling from a special occasion, time or a season.

I like the artistic expression of Trollbeads, where the beads are not purely decorative, but also convey meaning and so closely reshape the natural forms in silver or glass.

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