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Atklājiet sirdij mīļāko pērlīti.

VIENREIZĪGĀS ir īpaša Trollbeads kolekcijas daļa. Katra krāsainā Vienreizīgā pērlīte ir veidota atsevišķi – gluži kā cilvēki un viņu stāsti. Šķiriet lapas un iepazīstiet aizkustinošo stāstu par to, kā šīs pērlītes kļuva par svarīgu Trollbeads kolekcijas daļu.

VIENREIZĪGĀS ir ar rokām izgatavotas augstākās kvalitātes un amatniecības standarta stikla pērlītes, un to starojošās krāsas un pievilcīgie raksti piesaista uzmanību.
Nav divu vienādu pērlīšu, tāpēc izvēlieties to, kura visvairāk piesaista jūsu uzmanību un ir vistuvākā sirdij!
Mēs aicinām jūs apmeklēt tuvāko veikalu un izvēlēties pērlīti, kas stāstīs jūsu stāstu un atgādinās jums par skaistākajām atmiņām.



A UNIQUE start

Today the UNIQUES ♥ are a vital part of the extensive Trollbeads jewellery collection. The UNIQUES are glass jewellery beads with many variations, that people all over the world have gotten a passion for and will travel to discover new beads. The glass beads can be used to adorn the bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, hair jewellery and even some of our rings, creating unique jewellery designs.

Excerpt from the book: “From time to time you hear stories of someone learning something that changed their life, and it can be hard to believe it is true - but that’s exactly what happened to me: A few lines in a magazine led to an unexpected journey that would take me and my family to three continents – a journey that ended up making a real difference to so many people’s lives, including our own.

Here are those lines I read in the members’ quarterly magazine of the small Danish Tibet Charity organisation: “If you really want to help people in third world countries to develop economically, you must teach them what it is that you are successfully doing.”

When I read those lines an idea suddenly came to me: “we can do that. At Trollbeads we know how to make glass beads. We know how to sell them successfully. We can teach them.” Working with the design of Trollbeads, losing myself in the mysterious depths within the spherical, planet like structure, I’ve often thought how it seemed as if one little glass bead contained a whole world. When we embarked on our first journey to Dharamsala to set up a glass bead workshop for exiled Tibetans, I had no idea how much truth there was in this notion. I had no idea that this “charity” project would grow to span three continents and allow me to meet all these wonderful and talented people – true craftsmen and women from worlds so different to mine – how they would embed into every Trollbead, symbols, colours and patterns belonging to their part of the planet, their geography, their culture. This book is the story about the people who were taught how to make glass beads - and ended up creating UNIQUES, taking Trollbeads in an entirely new direction, bringing joy and inspiration to thousands of people across
the world.” 

- Lise Aagaard