Love is Blind

This bead left the collection in 2018.

Love goes beyond the differences between us.

People's Bead 2013.

Love is Blind is a Sterling Silver bead that can be used when designing your personal Trollbeads jewellery.
The Love is Blind bead can be styled on a Sterling Silver Bracelet with the Sterling Silver Lock or on a Sterling Silver Bangle, Copper Bangle, Gold Plated Bangle or on a colourful leather bracelet.
You could also use the Love is Blind bead on a Sterling Silver Foxtail Necklace, Changeable Fantasy Necklace, Sterling Silver Neck Bangle or Sterling Silver Fantasy Necklace with an outstanding gemstone stone to create an elegant necklace.

  • Item No.: TAGBE-30047
  • Weight: 4.42 g
  • Main Material: Silver 925
Designer: Valentina Rocchi

Designer Valentina Rocchi

Valentina Rocchi was born in Rome, Italy, and still live in this beautiful city with her parents and sister. As a child she started playing violin and today she is a professional player and teacher. Music is on top of the list of her passions but she also loves reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with friends.

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