Opal Jaguar

Elegant, patient and with a powerful bite.

The Opal Jaguar is a handcrafted glass bead. It spends its days roaming The Enchanted Forest and it makes us all remember and understand the world around us.

Please note: Glass is a fantastic material. Each glass bead is handmade from red-hot glass in the open flame and no two glass beads are ever completely alike. This goes for size, colouration and pattern. Your bead is absolutely unique and may have slight variations from the bead pictured.

  • Item No.: TGLBE-10418
  • Weight: 1.95 g
  • Main Material: Glass
Price: RM179.00
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Designer Tenzin Phuntsok and Kalden Chophel

Kalden Chophel was among the first group of Tibetans that Lise Aagaard introduced and trained in glass bead making in the Spring of 2005.
Tenzin Phuntsok heard about a company that created beautiful ornaments out of glass, and he was immediately attracted to the art.

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