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brown leather bracelet with a sterling silver Tree of life jewellery bead


Wisest of all. Strongest of all.

The tree of life represents an everlasting symbol of vitality, unity and connection, it symbolizes strength and knowledge and one beautiful thing we all can relate to: Life

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Tree of life sterling silver jewellery bead in varison combinations
A new silver bead for the collection

Happy Father’s Day

For Father’s Day 2022, we celebrate life and the paternal bond with the Tree of Life sterling silver bead.

One side of the jewellery bead shows the roots of the tree, on the other side you can find branches and leaves.
The bead symbolizes togetherness and serves as a reminder that you are never alone or isolated, but rather that you are connected to the world and to the ones you hold dear.

Wear the bead on a silver or leather bracelet alone or with complementing beads.