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Welcome to the Autumn collection from Trollbeads

Harmony Harvest

Find new energy and make a difference

Take a deep breath, inhale the fragrance of harvest and find energy in the bounty of the land.
Sometimes, it is the tiniest things that have the greatest impact.

Every story has a bead. Welcome to the Harmony Harvest collection.

Six new porcelain beads


In the Harmony Harvest collection, you will find six porcelain beads. It is the first time a porcelain bead is becoming a part of the permanent collection.

The six beads are all about the treasures, nature is bringing to us. These are outstanding beads that are handcrafted and painted individually in stunning colours and patterns.

The process of making the beads are very complex and long. The beads are made in fluid porcelain and hereafter they are burned iteratively.

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One of nature's best survivors and a symbol of internal power

Lizard lock and spacer

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Bees - a wonder of nature. Honeybees perform about 80% of all pollination worldwide.

A little buzzing family

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Handmade glass beads

Highly detailed glass of hope and grace

The Harmony Harvest collection brings you 12 new spectacular glass beads, unique in detail and beauty.

Remember that when you buy a kit of six beads, you only pay for five!

The collection brings the Mandala Spacer, the beads On Top, Pause and Everlasting Unity, and the Mandala Lock.
The collection brings you a Mandala family

Spectacular, detailed designs in sterling silver