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Unique Glass Beads

UNIQUES are truly special to the Trollbeads collection. The story began as a charity project, providing self-sustainable workshops for exiled people in Asia, giving them an opportunity to express themselves and create art: The making of glass beads.They ended up creating UNIQUES.

All UNIQUES are a little piece of art and each one is one of a kind and truly unique



UNIQUES - One of a kind!

1. There is only one of each bead

2. Whenever a UNIQUE bead is sold from this page, it will be marked as “out of stock” until the page is updated with a new UNIQUE bead

3. If you have put a UNIQUE bead in your basket, make sure to update your basket before moving on to payment, to make sure that the specific UNIQUE bead is still available – it might be out of stock or have been updated with a new UNIQUE bead if someone were faster than you to finish their purchase.

4. It is NOT possible to reserve a UNIQUE bead by putting it in your basket