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The Winners of People's Bead 2013

Traditional Sayings

We are happy to have some of the most creative and loyal friends in the world, and we love to play with them. Every year we host the People’s Bead event where everybody can send in designs for a bead.

Among 100 finalists, people vote for their personal favourite. In 2013 the theme was Traditional Sayings.

These are the winning beads, now forming their very own collection.

Peoples bead winners - 2013 - header
Love Is Blind

Love goes beyond the differences between us

Designer: Valentina Rocchi

Valentina Rocchi was born in Rome, Italy, and still live in this beautiful city with her parents and sister. As a child she started playing violin and today she is a professional player and teacher. Music is on top of the list of her passions but she also loves reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with friends.

Little Acorns

From little acorns, mighty oaks will grow

Designer: Rachel Morris

Rachel Morris is living in South West London with her husband Oliver and their daughter Ruby. Rachel is a freelance illustrator. Her passions are cooking up a feast and enjoying it with friends & family. And she is also partial to a cold cider on a sunny evening. She also loves Trollbeads and likes the way in which each person can bring their own meaning to their jewellery, making each collection so personal.


A cherry tree blooms at the time of a good notice

Designer: Shizue Ishiwata

Shizue Ishiwata was born in Tokyo, Japan, and today she is living in Chiba Prefecture. Shizue is a housewife and she is making hand-woven items. Occasionally she sells her original hand-woven items. She spends her spare time with her husband, doing gardening or she goes out for shopping in different areas of Tokyo. Also, she is focused on very healthy foods, reading and meditation.

This Too

This too shall pass

Designer: Iris Heyer

Iris Heyer lives with her husband in the Northwest of Germany, which in her opinion is much too far from the sea! Therefore most of the family’s holidays are spent visiting Scandinavia, Scotland or Shetland. She is a very creative person and she loves to work with her hands as a balance to the office work she does for a living.

Silver Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining

Designer: Rebecca Cresswell

Rebecca Cresswell is very passionate about art and design; having painted from a very early age she grew up entering competitions and exhibiting her work. In 2002 Rebecca graduated from the University of Wolverhampton’s School of Art and Design, in the UK after studying Illustration. Her installations are seen in hospitals and palliative care facilities throughout the UK and shares spaces with famous British artists.