彩虹的光芒讓我們的每一天都值得賀彩。「創造一顆能奪得眾人目光並同感繽紛耀眼的琉璃珠一直是我渴望的,夢幻總是隨著繽紛的顏色而來。」設計大師Giuseppe Di Meo 道。

  • 商品編號:: TAGBE-00212
  • 重量: 1.95 g
  • 主要材質: 銀
設計師: Giuseppe Di Meo
價格: NT$2,200.00
Working with form

Designer Giuseppe Di Meo

"For the People’s Bead event, I designed the bead 'Celebrate Life'. The theme of the event was Celebration. A bead with that theme should celebrate important values and essential moments in everyone's life. For many people in the world these values are unfortunately only words. That is why the idea of a rainbow of light, full of life came to my mind. I designed it to bring calm and hope, and I hope that the sun will return and shine for all."