Winning beads 2024
People's Uniques

The winners have been chosen!
The beads will be available from 18th October.

New Limited-Edition Beads

Trollbeads Day 2024

Discover 4 new glass beads inspired by Gemstones and the Essence of life.

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USA Country Bead
Stars of Freedom

It is with great honor to present the bead representing the United States of America. Stars of Freedom is a tribute to all those who preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Memorializing all those who bravely defend it.

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Choose a bracelet size, play with the design by adding different beads until you have the look you desire, and add a clasp to secure the beads.

Trolbeads Day 2024

Discover 4 new glass beads inspired by Gemstones and the Essence of Life

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New Carrier

The Power Bangle - a bright sterling silver bangle adorned with facetted amethysts at both ends

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Water Lily of July

Perfect beauty - a grace and allure that stand the test of time

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Gemstone stories

Celebrate Special Bonds

It’s all about celebrating the friendships that light up our lives, and what better way to do that than with our ruby-red gems?
They're like little tokens of the good times shared with friends.

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A silver clasp with a beautiful faceted Strawberry Quartz on one side and a Rose Quartz on the other.
Clasp of the Heart
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Meaningful gemstones

Round Strawberry Quartz Facet Bead

A very rare gemstone that helps to retain harmony and improve self confidence.


Meaningful gemstones

Ruby Bead

Always considered the gemstone capable of granting the most ambitious wishes, it is the perfect talisman to achieve power and success.

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Trollbeads Day 2024

Ruby Friendships

Keep your friendships vibrant and let them know you care.

Ruby Friendships is one of four glass beads made for Trollbeads Day 2024.

Each glass bead has been inspired by natures beautiful and meaningful gemstones.

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The Trinity of the Heart bead has a triangular shape. Three gemstones on each end of the triangular framed by silver.
Trinity of the Heart Bead
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Meaningful gemstones

Feldspar Moonstone Bead

It is the ideal gemstone for everyone deeply in love, because it protects true love.

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Trollbeads Neverending Bead - a sterling silver bead with a minimalistic twisted design, symbolizing continuity and infinite possibilities.
Neverending Bead
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Round Rose Quartz Facet Bead
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Trollbeads created the world's first and finest bead-on-bracelet concept, which provides YOU with opportunity to create jewelry based on your taste, personality and stories.

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Exquisite Craftsmanship

Every piece of Trollbeads jewelry is crafted in the highest quality and materials.

Trollbeads Silver beads confident navigator in the making.
Silver Beads
Modeled in wax, cast in silver, oxidized and polished to bring out details in the bead.
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A Trollbeads glass bead in the making in a hot flame.
Glass Beads
The incredible artisan glass beads are handmade in front of a red-hot, open flame.
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Trollbeads foxtail bracelet with glass and silver beads from the essence of life jewellery collection Trollbeads foxtail bracelet with glass and silver beads from the essence of life jewellery collection