As craftsmen, we seek to create jewellery from nature's finest and most durable materials, constructed of the highest quality and with focus on the unique details of each natural material. Each bead is handmade and therefore completely unique in size, colour and pattern.

Sterling Silver

It is no surprise that the majority of the magical and Norse Trollbeads are created in silver. The tradition goes back to the Viking era where silver jewelry had its first momentum in Scandinavia. The great Vikings of the North created lots of silver jewelry.

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Murano Glass

Not surprisingly, glass has been surrounded with an air of mysticism since it was invented thousands of years ago. There is something magical, even supernatural, about the transparent material that starts out soft and malleable at high temperatures.

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Born under enormous pressure since the dawn of time, pieces of raw rocks are dug out of the crust of the earth and made into exquisite jewelry of timeless beauty. Apart from their sparkling beauty, each individual stone has meaning and significance. Explore the wonders of nature.

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18 K gold

For more than 6000 years, gold have been used as currency, for jewelry and as status symbols for royals and nobles. Through time, gold jewelry and other decorative gold objects have been found in innumerable royal tombs. The fascination for the enduring gold is unreduced today.

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The shiny and beautiful pearls are often referred to as the jewels of the ocean. They are truly one of nature’s most amazing wonders and a mysterious and captivating feel surrounds them. In the Middle Age, it was only the royals and the nobility who were allowed to wear them, and pearls have since then become a symbol of wealth and perfection.

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Copper is believed to be the first metal used to make jewelry. In its stunning beauty, copper is a great element with unique abilities. It is known to strengthen your health and balance your body. Copper is especially known as the metal of love. It is also known for bringing positivity and good luck to your life.

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Cubic zirconia is a beautiful handmade gemstone. In the 1970s the demand for diamonds increased, which made the jewelry industry look for an alternative. Cubic zirconia was originally developed for the laser industry, and it was not until the early 80’s that people started noticing the potential of the cubic zirconia, as it looked very similar to diamonds.

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50 million years on the way to your bracelet. It is almost incomprehensible how long ago that is, but that specific moment in time is what we see. Since ancient times amber has been cherished for its beauty, its stunning colors and its spectacular history.

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Diamonds are forever – a saying that symbolizes an everlasting love. A diamond has become the way of expressing your undying love to your one true love, and because a diamond is close to unbreakable it is the perfect symbol for a love that cannot break.

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The Trollbeads porcelain beads are outstanding, handcrafted and painted individually in stunning colors and motives. Our Trollbeads porcelain artists have their own specialty. Not only in terms of technique, but also in motives. The beads are all painted by a small group of painters, who have their specialty in painting precisely these motives and using that specific technique.

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