Maria af Rolén
Maria af Rolén

    Maria af Rolén grew up in Sweden, and spent her childhood exploring the 30,000 islands of Stockholm’s archipelago, looking for treasures in sunken ships on the bottom of the Baltic Sea with her father.

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    She discovered a passion for photography early in life and after graduating with a photography degree in 2006, she set out for new adventures in America.

    She has a great heart for animals in need and spend much of her spare time raising money and volunteering for local animal rescue organizations. When she is not capturing light through the lens of her camera, she likes to channel her inspiration into small pieces of jewelry.

    "I draw my inspiration from nature - the ocean, the mountains, the trees, and the air we breathe. And simply, from life and death. What inspired me to design the "Stay Positive" bead was my own life, and the lives of family and friends. We all go through rough patches in life, and sometimes we all need a little encouragement to pull through."

    Maria af Rolén is one of the winners of People's Bead 2012 and designed Stay Positive for the Spiritual Collection.


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    Stay Positive Bead in sterling silver, featuring a desing of a plus symbol, in a circular shape, reminding you to be positive at all times.
    Stay Positive Bead
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    Stay Positive Bead, Gold
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