Country Beads

Exclusive club access to magical country beads, usually only available in the specific country.


A symbol of individuality, strength, and the belief that everyone possesses their own unique magic.

Celebrating Germany, known for innovation, intelligence, and rich culture.

Magic Blue Bead

Fine air bubbles, symbolizing the dreams and wishes dormant in our hearts, encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and remind us that every dream, no matter how small, can be a precious pearl of the future.

Magic Blue was introduced as Germany's country-specific bead in 2023. Now available, for a limited time, exclusively for Trollbeads Club members.

Berlin: Oberbaum Bridge

More Country Beads

Scarlet Diamond Bead

United Kingdom

The intense red hue of the bead signifies the passionate and unforgettable moments in life, encouraging wearers to embrace life fully and boldly. This bead emphasizes the themes of strength and vitality synonymous with the fabric of the United Kingdom's heritage.



Golden Harvest


Golden Harvest symbolizes that even when the plentiful season comes to a close, there is much to gain as you reap what you have sown.

September 2024

The Kiwi

New Zealand

Sparkling with diamond-like zirconias this magnificent limited-edition glass bead is filled with a dynamic shade of yellow, orange and amber to represent the Kiwi.

October 2024

Please note: Each glass bead is handmade over a red-hot open flame and no two glass beads are ever completely alike. This goes for size, coloration and pattern. Your bead may have slight variations from the beads pictured. The price is for the bead only.

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