Chinese Auspicious Bead

"Yu" - "Yi" - "Guck" - "Cher". The first two of these four Chinese words mean "your wish", and the last two are "lucky" and "peace". If you want to bestow the best best blessing on someone during the Chinese New Year, just say "Yu Yi Guck Cher".

This bead was created for World Tour in Hong Kong.

  • Item No.: TAGBE-40019
  • Weight: 5.10 g
  • Main Material: Silver 925
Designer: He Yang Hong
Working with form

Designer He Yang Hong

He Yang Hong is 28 years old and comes from China, where she has also graduated from University. She has been working with design for 8 years, and has been promoted to top designer in the company she works for. He Yang Hong likes drawing and traveling in China. "My design is mainly inspired from nature and life. Many designers have their inspiration from nature and it makes them upgrade their life and be friendly to the environment."

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